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As we grow older, a healthy body; a lively curiousity, a sense of wonder become important to living fully. And for many of us, having a creative, spiritual, or serviceful direction is energizing. We hope the products in our store will help you find your path for an energizing existence.

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The Rising Sign and the Second Half of Life CD Set
This 20 CD set is the next best thing to attending Kathleen's popular three-day workshop!

The CDs are designed for people over fifty who have some experience with astrology and yoga and those who enjoy journal writing. Before listening, please have your natal and progressed horoscopes and a yoga mat ready. Workshop participants have called the experience "expansive," "original" and "thought-provoking."
You may also learn something new from the achetypal patterns: Inspiration, Grounding the Vision, Imagination, Objectivity: these are the gifts of the Four Elements. Maybe one of these resonates? You may learn something from the lives or philosophies of the authors who share your Rising Sign. One of the Elder Stories may result in an epiphany. If you're a journal writer, you may enjoy one of the essay topics for your Rising Signs, derived from the Elder Stories.. These are intended to launch you into your own story for the Second Half of Life.

"This is not just a lecture series. These 20 CDs are an entire library on the Rising Sun Persona."
Archetypes Of The Zodiac
Kathleen's first book has quickly become a classic of the genre!

Archetypes of The Zodiac gives readers a deeper look at astrology as it relates to Jungian Archetypes. The technique offered in this book is based upon the integration of the esoteric rulers of the signs with their opposites. Order now and find out why readers around the world have praised Archtypes Of The Zodiac.

"Brilliant - has the ring of truth. To my mind, this book is one of the classic texts of modern astrology. I return to it repeatedly for fresh insights about the celesial craft. It is, hands down, the most influential astrology text I have read in the past decade. Burt's volume ranks with Bob Hand's "Planets in Transit" as a treasured astrological resource." (Anthony Louis)

"How does the symbolism of mythology affect how we read charts for others? This book uncovers the twelve astrological types of individuals and their background in mythology. A great book if you want to thoroughly understand each sign." (

"I Highly Recommend This Book! I'm a professional Astrologer and have been teaching classes since 1978. I frequently recommend this book to my more advanced students who really want to learn about the deeper archetypal patterns in psychological astrology. A GREAT book!" (Jeffrey Brock)